Trip Grading

We have graded each trek and climb based on the level of terrain, duration and length of walks and climate. Those graded easy and moderate would be suitable for almost anyone with a love for adventure, while those graded difficult and/or strenuous requires a certain amount of experience and physical fitness. Fitness level is important and one should consider carefully which trip is just right.


Experience is not necessary for taking part in an easy trek. Anyone fit to walk for 3-4 hours a day can manage. These treks are at lower altitude with daily ascents of around 300 on an average during the good weather.


This trek is for a walk of 5-6 hours each day over some steep hilly terrain on usually rough trails.  Moderate trails ascend up to 4000m with daily ascends of around 400-500m. One may experience low level of oxygen, so it is required to have a previous hiking experience at such altitude.


On this trek, one is likely to walk for 6-7 hours, cross steep hilly terrain, occasional high passes with daily ascend and descend of around 500-800m. Difficult trails ascend up to 5500m. One is likely to be in a remote environment with extreme weather conditions with very basic facilities and also experience low level of oxygen. A previous experience and a certain level of fitness will help one easily achieve this.


This grade involves both the trek and climbing peaks where one will have to walk for 6-8 hours every day on an average at a very high altitude with ascend of around 700-1000m or even for a longer duration while climbing. One may have to overcome extreme weather conditions at times, perhaps even for extended periods, so participants are required to have high level of physical fitness along with an optimal level of experience.

One should also be familiar with using the climbing gears, if not, the guide can always help during the rest days at the base camp. The climbing guide will teach basic climbing skills and safety procedures.

This should be considered as a guideline only and is designed to give an idea of the nature of the trip. It may differ on the basis of season, region etc.