Physical Fitness

Though physical fitness is an important part of any outdoor activity, one need not be an athlete to enjoy the trekking in Nepal. Most people of good fitness for their age can complete the trek.

Those trekking for the first time are usually concerned that they won’t keep up with the pace, but what’s required is a steady pace.

Remember our slogan ‘Go SLOW if you want to go FAST’.

There are some exercises one can do to prepare for the trekking or climbing in Nepal:

  • Aerobic will be helpful as one will be trekking in a much thinner air.
  • Walking, jogging, cycling, hiking to ridge line or hill tops with day pack are some of the excellent ways to strengthen the leg muscles and building stamina.
  • However, speed is not the criteria; stamina and endurance are.
  • Mental preparation is another important aspect to meet the challenges.