Experience a stunning Langtang trek in Nepal. It is the best way to make your trekking dream convert into reality. A trek to Langtang is a great alternative to the much longer and more committing treks in Nepal. Yet it contains all of the flavor and excitement of trekking. With awe-inspiring views of some of the world’s highest and most beautiful mountains. These treks are carefully organized to ensure you have plenty of time to acclimatize comfortably. Making sure you can enjoy the trekking experience to the full.

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The Langtang Valley is a beautiful high remote Himalayan valley which is nevertheless within easy reach of Kathmandu. Easy to access without needing an internal flight like so many others Nepal treks.

The rich ecosystem of the valley is well preserved. The region has a rural landscape comprising of villages, terraced farms and forests encircled with green hills. With a backdrop of the white Himalayan ranges. It is a five-day approach to the heart of the Langtang valley. It is possible to make the trek back to Dhunche in three days. Kyanjin Gompa at 4,300m is the last point of this trek. Here from the moraine, there is a spectacular view of Langtang Lirung. Few other trekking peaks are present around this area. And your trekking can be combined with more adventures if you are interested.

The route is a scenic one through dense bamboo and rose tree forests. That will take you past waterfalls and snow-capped mountain peaks. The trek has some of the best views of the Annapurna Range.

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Langtang Valley a charm of Nepal gives you an unbelievable trekking destination that you had never experienced before. Situated in the North of Kathmandu, from the valley, the national park has been spread over an area of 1710 sq. km. The National Park is one of the first of its kind in Nepal.

A trek is not just to explore the beauty of the entire destination also it gives a peaceful experience and makes your body and mind refresh, you can also get a chance to interact the culture and tradition of the Langtang people, Langtang valley is really one of the gems of the Himalayan country, Nepal.

Eight of the ten highest peaks in the world are located in Nepal. Therefore Nepal is commonly referred to as the “roof of the world”. Especially known to most the mighty Mount Everest. Thus a lot of people travel from all over to capture a glimpse of the world’s tallest peak.

The tallest mountain Mount Everest is just a way of what there to discover in Nepal. With some of the most unique teahouses, monasteries, and friendly locals you will come across anywhere on the planet. This is where the Langtang valley is located.

Langtang trek region is less crowded trekking zone than Everest trekking & Annapurna trekking trails. Also, easy access to reach all Langtang trekking destinations without any flights.  Langtang valley trek offers a splendid view of Rhododendron, bamboo and pine forest. With swift mountain streams, rugged rock and snow-capped peaks, grassy downs, and meadows to Daisies. Along with Wild Premolar, majestic waterfalls flowing over mammoth boulders and soothing hot springs. 

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