Renowned US mountaineers David Gottlieb & Chad Kellogg made a first attempt on Lunag 1 in the autumn of 2013, using Climb High Himalaya as their support company.

Their story:
The Hell Plex

David and I waited almost a week before embarking on our second attempt at climbing Lunag Ri. My left shoulder was working well again and I felt strong. David and I talked about climbing a less asthetic line, but one that could perhaps provide a solution to the summit objective.

We headed out from Base Camp on October 30th and made our way up to our ABC on the Lunag Glacier at 17,800 ft. Our plan was to rest for 24 hours and then begin our climb at 9 pm and work up the left ramp to the skyline. Our mood was optimistic and we were feeling well rested.

At 7 pm on Halloween we brewed up a strong double shot of Via coffee and packed our climbing packs. The wind was blowing strong aloft and we watched plumes of snow being whisked airborne as the sun set. It was going to be a cold night so we donned our synthetic puff pants over our climbing pants as a precaution against the cold…

……..continued in Chad’s Blog at: http://www.explorersweb.com/kellogg8

Chad kellogg
David Gottlieb

You can see David’s blog and video of the trip at:

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