Climb High the first to summit Larkya peak this season!

Larkya Trekking Peak in Nepal

The first to summit Larkya peak this season! And the only so far …… 26 April 2016

Paul Anderson and Daniella Aburto started the trek to the Tsum Valley. The trek began from Kathmandu on the 8th April with Climb High.

Tsum Valley in sacred Buddhist texts means ‘The Hidden Valley of Happiness’. The allure of the Tsum Valley is the unique blend of Nepal’s best offerings–big mountain views. With numerous monasteries and nunneries, traditional culture, and friendly people.

They continued their trek to the Manaslu  Circuit. And then reached the base camp of Larkya peak on the 24th April. Base camp is close to the Larkya La, a pass of 5,135 m.

Next day, it took them 6 hours to make it to the high camp with steep slopes while approaching. Consequently, the weather at this altitude was severely cold, high-velocity winds, lots of snow. And it wasn’t easy to set up tents though the staff eventually did manage to put them up.

The summit day started very early with Ang Sange Sherpa and Enos Rai as the guides. It was a long climb on snow slopes that are steep but they made it. It’s always the feeling of having achieved when on the summit, and you forget all the pain and the hardship endured. Likewise, the weather held up offering an excellent view from the summit with the beautiful Manaslu in the backdrop.

Paul Anderson wrote: ‘New altitude record for myself atop Larkya Peak @6,249m/20,501ft! Spectacular Manaslu (the world’s 8th highest mountain) behind me. My dad Murray gave me this Aussie flag almost 20 years ago when I first left home, it’s been with me on all my travels and climbs around the globe since’

Namaste! First of all, let me thank you/Climb High for an incredible experience!

The Manaslu/Tsum trek and Larkya Peak climb were amazing and everything went according to plan. Sangey, Dawa and others did an outstanding job – well done to all!

Paul Anderson & Daniella

California, U S A

Tim Blair Runs Pokhara to Kathmandu



Tim Blair Running Challenge

Pokhara to Kathmandu – 220km

15th – 17th September 2016

By taking on this 3-day challenge in Nepal. The Tim Blair Run for Kids Foundation is aiming to help build a better future for Nepalese children. That is by providing schools and education following the 2015 earthquakes.

Tim Blair has set his intention to run from Pokhara to Kathmandu, in September 2016. The run is to raise awareness of tourism in Nepal. Thus raise funds for school reconstruction in the Solo Khumbu region. Likewise, the aim is to raise as much money as possible in Australia to distribute in Nepal. By Climb High Himalaya through their charity fund. Also the Pemba Foundation, a charity in memory of late Pemba Doma Sherpa a famous mountaineer. Moreover, the run is initiated to promote Nepal as one of the main tourist destinations. With much help from the Nepal Tourism Board.

The Run

Starting in Pokhara, Tim proposes to complete the 204km along the Prithvi Highway to Kathmandu in three days. The highway is well maintained with great views on one side. In addition, the run will be approximately 70km each day. Thereafter, Tim will complete the whole distance himself. At the same time, he will be accompanied by guest runners. And also cycle riders for sections of the route.

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So, it is proposed that the run will start from the center of Pokhara. However, the location is still yet to be decided. Then preceded by a press conference organized by the Nepal Tourism Board.

Day 1 – Tim will run from Pokhara to Dumre (rest in Bandipur)

On Day 2 – Run Dumre to Dharke

Day 3 – Run Dharke to Kathmandu


The event will be held at Hanumandhoka in Basantpur, Kathmandu. It is a good site with huge crowds almost every day. In addition, it is a very popular tourist site. Specifically, with centuries-old palaces, temples and is in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley. Further, the Nepal Tourism Board will host this event. And will be accompanied by a press conference towards the end.


Climb High Himalaya and Nepal Tourism Board will be coordinating the run. At the same time with, assistance from Trekco UK, Yeti Airlines, Dabur Nepal, Hotel Sherpaland to name a few.


Tim has official support from:

1.   Government of Australia

2. The Minister for Education and Training for Tasmania

3. Jeremy Rockcliff, Member of Parliament for Braddon, Tasmania

4. The Commissioner of Police for Tasmania