Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang

Trekking is becoming popular these days, where thousands of trekkers go for trekking in Himalayas, mountains, dense forest and more. The best journey is when you are the least plan and go for your trekking destination. For me, Trekking is the only one thing that I am passionate about and every winter I plan my trek to the Himalayas. This time, I went for a trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang which is in Nepal.


Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang

So, trekking in different regions I got to experience many things which I would like to share with you all. This time I have planned for Mustang trek, which is the prominent trekking trails for the trekkers that I came to know and I am very excited to pack my bag.


Where mustang exactly lies?

Mustang lies in the northern part of Nepal and one of the districts Nepal. Mustang is subdivided into Upper Mustang famous for trekking and lower mustang famous for natural beauty. Mustang trek is one of the off beaten adventure treks in the immaculate isolated Trans Himalayan experiencing the rich and mixes culture of Tibetan and Bon, which also known as  Mini Tibet of Nepal. Mustang is not only for an ordinary visitor but also an archaeologist, anthropologist, and geologist.


Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang                                                                    

The kingdom of Mustang was prohibited by the Nepal government and reopened in 1992. But the foreigners need to take special permission. People living in Mustang are basically Buddhist and you can experience different traditions and the most famous festival of Mustang is Tiji Festival celebrates in the month of May.


Now, my trek begins from Kathmandu (1,300meet), the day is spent in the sightseeing and preparation for trekking. The very next day drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara(826m) and that day I had to relax night in one of the best hotels of Pohkara. It is the second important city after the capital city, Kathmandu. The city will make you wonder with its scenic beauty and calm nature. You can enjoy your trekking to the closer of the peaks or else you can go for boating in the tranquil water of the lake.


Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang

Then we flew to Jomsom, situated at 8,900 feet where you finally start our trekking journey. Jomsom is the world’s deepest valleys where Kali Gandaki River on its way, towering Annapurna range in the east and the Dhaulagiri the world’s seventh mountains in the west. The elevation is so thrilling and I have got enchanting experience.


Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang

Our group consists of 15 people including me and I find myself fortunate that I have to be part of the registered trekking company. We traveled with our own cooks and porters. We are very much excited to trekking along the Mustang the untouched Himalayan treasure awaits for us.


Kagbeni trekking

We hiked to Kagbeni, a beautiful Tibetan Village, tucked at an altitude of about 9,055 feet along the Gandaki River. The village is built like a series of small fortresses and trekking in the kagbeni I can experience the culture and tradition of the people there. After crossing the police check post of Kagbeni we entered into the restricted area of upper Mustang.


Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang

Then we traveled to Kagbeni to Muktinath, our first destination of trekking a sacred place for both Hindu and Buddhist. Hindus call the site Mukti Kshetra, which literally means the “place of salvation” and it is one of the most ancient temples of the God Vishnu and the Vaishnava tradition in Nepal. Thousands of devotees came to take bath under the 108 taps which are dotted around in the central of the temple.


Muktinath Temple

As we entered the temple, we met five Sadhu who was resting aside, Sadhu is the holy person who scarifies their life in prayers, meditation. Some of us also took a sacred bath under the 108 taps which were the nail-biting cold experience for us. The temple has various statues of god and goddess. After visiting the temple, we move back to Kagbeni and hold our night there.


Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang

Next day, we trek towards the valley of Tsarang which is the 2nd largest town of Mustang and it took us to three days to hike. We crossed eroded dessert, canyons, ancient monasteries and chortens and we stay in trekker hotels along the way. The accommodations were clean and comfortable to stay and the washrooms are outside the room.


On the way to trekking we trek in the Ghiling and Ghami the small and beautiful villages where we have nice trek in the red cliff of Ghami and the beautiful Buddhist stupa the amazing place best for trekkers and I had  a nice time in here though we have to struggle while the trekking trails are rough and tough.

 Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang                                                            


After trekking more than four days, we finally reached the second largest town of Mustang, Tsarang is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3,870m (12,696ft) above the sea level, located in the remote and inaccessible region of Upper Mustang, in the valley of the Kali Gandaki River, in north-central Nepal. The former palace was built in 1378, and the huge, five-story fortified palace and striped gompa(monastery) are dotted on the edge of the Kali Gandaki gorge at the eastern end of the Village.


Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang


After visiting the former palace of Tsarang, we traveled to our final destination, Mustang or Lo Manthang, where the Himalayas in the background is the amazing view. The town is greatly influenced by Himalayan Buddhism and the city also reflects the culture and tradition of the Tibet and has much historical importance.


Lo Manthang is the well known as “walled city” which is our last destination. Our excitement is building so much as we entered the “forbidden Kingdom, Mustang” and the place has an interesting culture which is similar to Tibetan.

Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang                                                       

The visit in upper is Mustang and we experience the rich cultures and understand the history of this place. Our visit is in right time where the all the people were busy in preparation of “Tiji Festival” which is the main festival here. The festival took place in Chho-dyi monastery and monks open the celebration of Festival and we find our self fortunate that we also participated in the popular festival of the Mustang.


Trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang

Night at Mustang and in the morning we walked around the Village, where we clicked beautiful photos of the village and people and also connects to the local people of Mustang; they are friendly and had good experience to talk with them.


And the time has arrived to leave the Forbidden Kingdom and we flew back to Kathmandu and it was the finest experience to trek all the unique places of Mustang and I am so thankful to our guide who is the skillful and educated and make your trip memorable.


I hope my blog will help you to plan your trek to a forbidden kingdom of Mustang and get chance to experience the culture and tradition of this remote landscape.


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