Larkya peak / Tsun valley 2016 May 16, 2016

Namaste! First of all, let me thank you/Climb High for an incredible experience!

The Manaslu/Tsum trek and Larkya Peak climb were amazing and everything went according to plan. Sange, Dawa and others did an outstanding job – well done to all!

Paul Anderson & Daniella

California, U S A

Raimund Mair May 16, 2016

I just wanted to let you know that I had a safe trip to Kathmandu and back to Austria.
Everything worked out perfect. Thanks a lot to all you guys! It was an amazing experience. I’ll send some pictures once sorted out, but now friends and family want to hear more about the trip 🙂
All the best and greetings to Nepal!

Hauke Kornmesser Feb 9, 2016

It was a well organized trip

I enjoy the trip the more the longer I am back home. But honestly: it was a well organized trip and I can really recommend Climb high!

Kate Reid Feb 9, 2016

Thank you for a wonderful holiday!

Raj and Pemba,
Just to let you know that we have arrived home safely. Thank you again for a wonderful holiday!

Maciek Berbeka Feb 9, 2016

Thank you once again for your hospitality, taking care of our group and everything you have done. It was perfect! The flight was all right and everyone is back home – tired but happy!
I wish you all the best.

  • 1st winter ascent of Cho Oyu via South Pillar
  • 1st winter ascent of Manasalu
  • 1st winter ascent of Broad peak
  • Summited Everest in 1993
  • Annapurna 1 (first ascent of south face via Polish route) summited
Grace Mcdonald Feb 9, 2016

We couldn’t have been in better hands

Much gratitude, appreciation and rave reviews for Rajen Thapa and his entire Climb High team. As a novice climber heading to Nepal on her own to join other strangers for a first climb up a 6000 mt. peak (Lobuche East), I really had no idea what to expect. Although I had booked the trip through an American company (Summitclimb), Climb High operated the trip in Nepal. Our trip wasn’t without some unavoidable logistical challenges; from many delays in the arrival of various members to Kathmandu, four days of delay for our flight to Lukla and some health challenges for some members, we really tested the limits of “going with the flow”. These things happen – especially in Nepal, but Raj and his team handled it all like true professionals and it’s during these challenges that you find out just how good a company is and I really appreciated the benefit of having such a diligent team that knows the locals and how to deal with local challenges.

As for the climbing, we couldn’t have been in better hands. They made the training fun and made sure we were all comfortable and confident before heading up the mountain. Raj was right behind me every step of the way and I owe my summit success to his one-on-one guidance and support. And let’s not forget the Climb High cooks and porters – these are hardworking and impressive people who love to share a smile, a laugh or a song, all while making sure you are comfortable and happy. Altogether they are a great team and I would highly recommend them to anyone, novice or expert, looking to organize or participate in a climb or trek in Nepal.

Kim Smith Feb 9, 2016

The decision whom to use as a guide will be very easy

My sister and I have hired Raj to lead us up Mera Peak in 2007. We didn’t know him then and so it was with some apprehension that we arrived in Kathmandu. Right from the meeting at the airport to the slopes of Mera Peak, we were well taken care of. We couldn’t be more satisfied with Raj and his staff. So when we decided to trek up Mt. Everest in Tibet in September 2010, there was no doubt about, who should arrange the trip for us. Raj has reliable connection in Lhasa and here again, we were well taken care of. Many companies provide good service, but it is when things beyond anybody’s control go wrong that an excellent service is invaluable.

When the rock slides made the road from Kodari to Kathmandu impassible ten miles out of Kodari and Raj’s Kathmandu guide couldn’t reach us at the Chinese border, Raj’s office arranged for a local agent to meet us at the border and drive us as far as he could to the first rock slide, where porters carried our baggage to the next open section and repeated the process two more times using a van and a truck, until we reached the open road. Raj’s guide was the first one we saw as we got off that jam-packed truck with other travelers. Our waiting car from Kathmandu was the first one to leave the chaotic scene. If our future plans lead us to Nepal, the decision whom to use as a guide will be very easy.

Robert Gazendam Feb 9, 2016

Climb High Himalaya provide an excellent end-to-end service

Climb High Himalaya provide an excellent end-to-end service including transfers, accommodation and trekking arrangements. Amber is the owner and ensured that our holiday went smoothly and to plan. Our guide, Sange, took great care of us and saw to it that each day on trek was memorable and enjoyable. Sange was responsible for our accommodation each and made sure that it was ready for us at the end of each day by sending the porters ahead with all our luggage. All aspects of our trip were fantastic and I would highly recommend Climb High to anyone contemplating trekking in the Himalaya. I really appreciated the small touched including arranging the repair of my broken boots and enjoying a simple Sherpa specialty of potato pancakes in a small restaurant tucked away in a side alley and used mainly by locals. Visited April 2014

Malou, Laura, Eliza and Laura Feb 9, 2016

ABC trek We made it!

Here is the picture on Annapurna Base Camp!

Thank you very much for everything, we really enjoyed it!

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