Most popular trekking places in Mustang

Planning your trekking in Mustang, Nepal? Let’s help you with the overview of most popular trekking places in Mustang, Nepal. Nepal land is best for the bold adventure, from Himalayan ranges to semi-arid desert trekking makes the Nepal most awaited trekking destination.

Mustang is becoming one of the major attractions for trekking in Nepal and you must know that more than 2,00,0000 trekkers faced the hard to choose the perfect trekking destination. Mustang is the culturally and mystical rich region, which is excellent for summer trekking. The Mustang is also known as “Forbidden Kingdom” and the people of this region are mainly Buddhist and where one can find Tibetan Buddhist culture.

 Most popular trekking places in Mustang                                       

Mustang also has the rich and significant history and Trekking in upper mustang began from 1992 before the region was prohibited for foreigners. The Mustang Valley consists of lower and Upper Mustang is also known as formed Kingdom of “lo”. Trekking in Mustang is one of the best experiences you will get to enjoy the Tibetan culture, eroded hills, and rough routes.

Now, let’s overview the most popular trekking places in Mustang that you can go during your trekking in the “hidden kingdom” of Mustang.

Kathmandu Sightseeing

First, your arrival at Kathmandu (1334m) and your travel guide lead you to the hotel and night at the hotel. In the Morning you will be taken for the sightseeing of the Kathmandu where you can discover the Bodhnath Stupa, one of the Buddhist shrines in the world, Pashupatinath the holy and famous temple in Kathmandu, situated at the bank of the Bagmati river.

Most popular trekking places in Mustang


Then Next Morning Kathmandu to Pokhara (915m) is the beautiful city in the course of the Lake then after having a nice stay in Pokhara fly to Jomsom (2720m). Now, your real trekking trek starts where you witness the rough valleys and eroded routes etc.

Jomsom is one of the few places in Nepal from where one can witness the Himalayan peaks at such a close range. Niligiri, Tilicho, and Dhaulagiri are the huge peaks which you could reach out to touch them. The air is dry and cold in Jomsom and also pass Dhumba lake.


Most popular trekking places in Mustang

Kagbeni trek

The trekking trails are filled with so many up and down trails and while trekking to Kagbeni you can discover the jaw-dropping view of Beautiful Kagbeni and the summit of the Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri. After reaching Kagbeni you can stay overnight there with cozy accommodation in the red fort lodge which is the charm of Trans Himalayan region. Kagbeni is also known as the ‘ main gateway to the Upper Mustang.

Most popular trekking places in Mustang

Kagbeni to Chukshang

Few hours of work to the tea house Chukshang, This trekking trails offers the beautiful views of the river gorge, an old monastery, and some of the Mountains caves. One can also get the hot shower trek in its trails. Overnight at Chushang Village.

Most popular trekking places in Mustang

Chukshang to Samar

Next day, traveled to Samar offer you an incredible view of the snow-capped mountains in the background and there is the longest suspension bridge. After reaching Samar you will be lost by the beauty of the town. Samar is a beautiful small town covered by the white houses with firewood- lined in the roofs. You can get an amazing view of chortens from the highest point of the town.

  Most popular trekking places in Mustang                                        


Samar to Ghiling

Now, time to climb from Samar to Ghiling (3,560m) and surrounded by the layered of snow-covered mountains and, desert plants and attractive rick formation. You can cross with the sacred cave which is said to be the nature who carved a large Chorten out of a rock. Then you finally reach the colorful chortens of Ghiling welcoming you.

Most popular trekking places in Mustang                                           

Ghiling to Tsarang

Trekking towards Tsarang, the trekking trail will be little dusty and the road past a dozen tractors and bulldozers which will be a little uncomfortable for tourists. Then the roadway leads to the alluring views of mountains and crosses the world longest “mani stone”, an ancient monastery, Chortens and Old Dzong place then the Tsarang town will be visible.

Tsarang to Lo Manthang

This is the last trekking trail, where trekkers have to climb an elevation of about (3750m) which is little difficult because something the weather becomes active with strong wind will blow, cold, dirt and dusty. After struggling with weather and dusty way, Lo Manthang will appear from the distant and you finally entered into the hidden kingdom of Mustang. Stay overnight at lo Manthang Accommodation with Tibetan Culture and immaculate ambiance.

   Most popular trekking places in Mustang                                 

Next day, you can visit the entire city of Lo Manthang, where the city offers Buddhist monasteries, ancient holy sites of the past era. Visiting Lowra Art Gallery in Lo Manthang you can see the famous Thanka Painting.

   Most popular trekking places in Mustang                                           

Lo Manthang is one of the ancient cities in Nepal, dotted with ting path, walled houses, Well-worn paths and the rough street hard to recognize once you get in only make sense to those who know them. The most attractive features of this place are Tibetan Culture and the unique architectural style of the houses.

  Most popular trekking places in Mustang                                                   

If you are interested to visit the Chinese border then you can also go ahead where you can watch the Chinese soldier on the side guiding the area and Nepalese soldiers in the front of us. But you can stay too long because in the evening the place becomes very cold which is makes tourists stay impossible in these climatic conditions.

People of Lo Manthang grandly celebrates the Tiji festivals. The festival consists of three days of Tibetan Rituals. You can also experience the Tiji festivals of Lo Manthang and can enjoy the cultural dance and performance of the locals where the festival will start by the monks and held in the monastery of Lo Manthang.

Most popular trekking places in Mustang                                       

Lastly, drive back to Jomsom( 8 hours) and from Jomsom fly to Kathmandu via Pokhara. This adventure will be absolutely challenging instead you can experience the adorable landscapes, mountains, ancient monasteries and more that make your adventure memorable for a lifetime.

So, if you like to trek in the most popular trekking places of Mustang then should you go for your desire and trek in the Himalayas of Nepal. And I hope this blog will help you to guide in the Nepal trek.

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