How to reach Mera Peak?

If you have a trekking experience in the highest peak and the Himalayas then there is no  toughness to climb in the height of Mera peak, one can easily reach the destination without any difficulties, but in some higher altitude there will be bit difficulties, but don’t worry about it that difficulties will disappear when you have a proper peak climbing skills, appropriate gears, and physically fit body you can successfully win it.

Your journey to Mera Peak is somewhere between a trek and a climb, for the most part of a trip to Mera peak is like a regular trek. So get ready to climb and trek to make a record on your life history.

How tough is to climb the Mera Peak here are some of the lists that determine the difficulty level of these expeditions.

• The total distance that you cover to reach Mera Peak Summit

• Mera Peak Climbing Duration

• Weather and Temperature of the Mera Peak route

• The Mera Peak Climbing Route

• Highest points of Mera Peak Climbing

• Physical stamina during the Mera Peak Climbing

Let me tell you some about Mera Peak

Mera Peak is officially one of the highest of Nepal’s permitted trekking peaks, rises to the south of Everest. Mera stands at 6,476m. The first ascent of Mera was made by J.O.M Roberts and Sen Tenzing on 20 May 1953 by the route from the Mera La. By this standard route from the Mera La, the ascent is technically straightforward, however after a heavy fall of snow or when the maze of the crevasses are open, the way can be long and demanding.

Mera Peak climbing is a moderate trek in the foothills of giant mountains like Everest, Ama Dablam, Lobuche and more. This is among the easier climbing peak than others.

Trekking information and itineraries

After summiting Mera peak, you will continue your trek and walk down to Kongmadingma and hike through the Hongu valley. At the pass, your guide and climbing Sherpas will set up fixed ropes and descend down towards the Imja valley. After the Amphulaptsa pass, you will continue your trek towards Lukla.

Arrive in Luka

It takes 45 minutes flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. Lukla is located in an altitude of 2,840m. From Lukla the path traverses south-east through the forest, crossing several cascading streams. The first camp is at Chutanga 3,400 m.

Chutanga to Kharka

After reaching Chutanga you can take a rest and hike up to Kharka Tang for acclimatization and return down to Chutanga. It takes a 3-hour walk to Kharka Tang. It is situated in a height of 4,050m.

Kharka to Tuli Kharka

Then after you can straight ahead from Kharka Tang it will take 5 hr walk to Tuli Kharka crossing Zatrwa Lal which is at 4,600m / 15,000 ft. Tuli Kharka is at 4,400 m. Tuli Kharka to Kotay

After trekking all these routes you can move downhill walk to Kotay, it takes 5 hours to reach Kotay form Tuli Kharka. Kotay is at 3,500m.

Kotay to Tagnag

Another trekking route that can be meet from Kotay is Tagnag which can be reached in 6 hours, Tagnag is at 4,246 m. There are summer settlements here and also has two or three lodges that will be open during the trekking season, one can easily stay here and rest for one day.

What are the things that you can explore while trekking through these entire destinations:

While trekking through traveler can explore the remote and beautiful village in Solukhumbu. One can get the opportunity to explore the majestic Hinku valley, after that you can also explore Namche Bazaar, the highest trade center of the world. Other then while passing through the route you can see some of the quaint little village calledPanguam, Nagindingma, Kothe.

How long it takes to trek Mera Peak

Mera Peak trek is 78-miles long. The trails welcome you with a beautiful and comfortable trek in the rhododendron and pine forests. After these, you walk past the trails littered with glaciers that rest in the lap of tall mountains. You will be trekking on rough terrains, along glaciers, crevasses, and climbing to the summit.

Weather information for Mera Peak

The weather conditions at high altitudes are unpredictable. A perfectly good day can turn into a bad climatic condition. And with the change in the weather conditions, the difficulty level of this trek also varies.

So, you must choose the season and weather of Mera that is ideal for you. In this way, you can get the great experience trek in your Mera Peak climb.

Best Month to visit Mere Peak

April, May, late September and October is the best month to visit Mera Peak, during this month the weather conditions remain more clear and stable, while trekking one can feel the warmness.

So your trek and climb tour in Mera Peak will be one of the most stunning and remarkable.

How many types of trekking accommodation can you experience in Mera Peak


On your trip to Mera Peak camping is the most important, one may set up tents and make your own meals and drinks

You will sleep in tents out in the elements during the nights. You must prepare yourself to sleep at least 5 nights in the beautiful outdoors. If camping is your forte, this will not be difficult. You will be comfortable with sleeping and managing a good level of hygiene and comfort in camping.

The weather condition is unpredictable at this altitude. It can change drastically, with a wide range of conditions: from warm to cold or windy and snowy. If you are not used to camping, then this might become a challenge for you.

Teahouse trekking

Teahouse one of the best lodge that you can find In Nepal, where travelers can stay without having any trouble getting all the possibilities and warm hospitality. One can also spend time having hot and tasty tea.

Equipment that is required while you go for a trek

Trekkers need to provide their own personal clothing and equipment. It is recommended that you use tried and tested kit on the trip rather than relying on a brand new kit you’re not sure of.


Climbing and Hiking to Mera Peak is one of the thrilling and heart taking adventures that you will experience after doing the activities like these. Trekking and climbing is not just a waste of money but it gives a chance to yourself to prove that you are strong and health-conscious.

The difficulties and the hardness that depends while trekking in Mera peak is just a blink of an eye, you can experience by yourself while you yourself go for doing activities in Mera Peak.

So, if you the one dreaming to go for trekking in the Himalayas then Mera peak will be the best trekking experience that you do and make one of the most memorable in your life history.

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