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The Pemba Foundation, NepalPEMBA FOUNDATION

Pemba Doma Sherpa was the first Nepalese woman to summit Everest from both North and South, and the first Nepali woman to summit Lhotse.

Pemba summited Lhotse on Blair Falahey’s International Lhotse Expedition (Australia) 21 May 2007.

She fell while descending and did not survive.pemba-2


In 2016 a non-profit making organisation, the PEMBA FOUNDATION, was formed in her memory.

The objectives of the foundation are:

  • To implement programs concerning environment conservation, health, mountaineering, trekking and literacy in the mountainous and Himalayan regions.
  • To enlighten the local members of the community on environmental, health, mountaineering, trekking and literacy issues with a view to bring about positive changes in the lives of the local population.
  • To impress upon the members of the local community that degradation of the environment, unhygienic health habits, lack of professionalism in mountaineering and trekking fields are and illiteracy are holding the local population down. The overall aim will to educate people.
  • To bring about awareness in a section of society where the most common view is that life is shaped by destiny.


It will run on the income that Climb High generates and from programmes or events that are organised with various funding agencies.

The current project is to support the 2015 earthquake damaged school and the hospital in Namche.

The school was severely damaged by the 25th April 2015 earthquake and requires extensive repairs from the walls to the pillars. The hospital in Namche has very basic medical facilities and very few lab or testing equipments. Pemba Foundation plan to generate funds for the school and the hospital and help the local people there to get the most important and basic of all facilities, education and medical.


In Pemba’s words, ‘We need to build our infrastructure first; like schools, hospitals and roads. Corruption needs to be completely eradicated. Nepali people still love foreigners and still respect them.’

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