Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek

Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek

Last month, I planned out with my friends on our first trek in the Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek with Nepal’s well-known travel agency. It was my best trekking experience of my life where I got to witnessed the panoramic view of Ama Dablam(6,812m) and world tallest mount Everest(8.848 m).

Where Ama Dablam is actually lies?


Ama Dablam is known as one of the most attractive mountains in the world and tucked in the eastern part of Nepal with an outstanding height of about 6,812 meters above sea level. Ama Dablam is the only peak lies in the Khumbu (Everest) Valley and rising from the Dudh Kosi river valley.  To climb this peak is a very difficult one so that the climber use the SW direction for climbing, from there it will be a little easier to hike.

Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek

The meaning of Ama Dablam is the ‘mother necklace’ that long ridges on both sides look like the arm of the mother and “Dablam “is the hanging glaciers indicates the necklace worn by the Sherpa women containing pictures of the gods.

Then you left our home and fly to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. At the airport, we got welcomed by our booked travel agency and then we all move to the hotel. It was a comfortable hotel with well flourished and maintained bathrooms. After so long traveled we got tired and take some rest.

Next morning, we were taken for the sightseeing of Kathmandu city including Boudhanath, Pashupatinath temple and Kathmandu Durbar square. Boudhanath is the largest Buddhist stupa in Nepal surrounded by several shops selling handicrafts and cultural items and I also bought handicraft. Pashupatinath temple is the holy place for Hindu dedicated to Lord Shiva and Kathmandu Durbar square is the cultural center where you explored the museum, temples and complex and then we returned to our respective hotels. I found Kathmandu really beautiful and the city is cultural drown and overwhelming.

Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek

Next morning we flew to Lukla(2,850m) which took approximately 30 minutes to reach and from the fight we have got amazing views of the Himalayas. After some time we started our trek from Lukla to Phakding(2,652m) and we hardly walked 2 to 3 hours where the trekking trail is mostly downhill and easier for the beginners like us. Heading over the Dudh Kosi River we reached the beautiful town Phakding. The village is surrounded by the pristine nature and rushing Dudh River that really gave a peaceful ambiance. One night at Phakding lodge

Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek

Phakding lies in the Dudh Kosi river valley and is a small alluring village in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The village is a northern part from the Lukla with an elevation of about 2,610m and it is one of the world heritage site declared by the UNESCO in 1979.

Phakding to Namche bazaar (3,445m)


Trek began at morning along the Dudh Kosi River and the trekking not so steep than the previous one and we were smoothly heading uphill to Namche Bazaar (3,445m) and the trail offered a scenic view and immaculate nature. Then you finally reache

Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek

Namche Bazaar is the beautiful village situated at an altitude of about 11,300 feet above sea level and one of the largest Sherpa village in Nepal. The village is tucked in between the two ridges of the huge peaks of Khumbu. The village is dotted with tea shops, several lodges and offers magnificent views of the neighboring mountain ranges.

We had spent 2 nights in the Namche Bazaar for acclimatization to climb upwards. We were taken to Khunde hospital established by Edmund Hillary for acclimatization and the one-hour steep walk up to Syangboche (3,800m) then finally we explored the Sagarmatha National Park’s Headquarter in the hillock of the town and also accompanied by the museum and we got much information from there.

Namche Bazaar to Deboche(4,410m)


Now, we were trekking to a small town, Deboche and trekking trail is sometimes up and downhill like a rollercoaster and we crossed the Dudh River. The trail opens with stunning views of mountains peaks including Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Nuptse, and Everest. After 2 hours of hiking, we reached one of the famous monasteries of Tengboche monastery and take a look at the monastery and surrounding places. Then we moved towards our destination Deboche where the trail is downhill and after 20 minutes of walking we reached the town and stay overnight at the town with warming hospitality.

Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek
Deboche to Pheriche(4, 300 m)


On this day, we hike to the Pangboche village and crossing Pangboche village we moved to Pheriche village. Then after reaching we take some rest in the lodge and explore the surrounding of the village and Hospital where we got checked up to examined that we are ready for a higher climb or not.

Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek

Pheriche, the beautiful village nestled in the Khumbu region in eastern Nepal. Pheriche also has hospital and operates under Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) which is headquartered in Kathmandu. The people of Pheriche primarily depends upon farming, keeping yaks and during summer season people got employed because during summer trekkers and climber visit the place for acclimatization and village got many lodges.

 Pangboche to Ama Dablam Base Camp (4,570m)


Next day we trek back to Pangboche and crossed Dudh Kosi River and climbed up to the Ama Dablam Base camp and we were very much energized when we get the glance of the base camp. Then you finally reached after trudging uphill and we stay that night at base camp.

Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek

As we reached Ama Dablam base camp after so many days of trekking we can see the field filled with multi-colored tents of other trekkers and we also build our tents in the base of the Ama Dablam. I can see the giant Ama Dablam facing right in front of me and the chilled wind was blowing that gave a feeling of being in the arms of the Ama Dablam. Overnight at Ama Dablam base camp and we enjoyed our night where our guide managed for burn fire where we also interacted with other trekkers who were going to descend Ama Dablam next morning and I was also wanted to climb and witness the height of the Ama Dablam but cannot because of lesser time but I made myself promised next time I will also going to climb it.

So, next morning we trek back to the previous route including Tengboche, Namche Bazaar and finally reached Lukla and stay overnight at Lukla hotel.

Lukla to Kathmandu

We had a morning flight from Lukla to Kathmandu and after reaching Kathmandu we were transferred to the Kathmandu hotel. The evening we went shopping in Kathmandu city and bought lots of things, handicrafts etc and enjoyed ‘Thakali cuisine’ which was the famous cuisine in Nepal.

Next morning we got farewell from our tour guide and we flew back to our respective destination. Overall I had an awesome experienced Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal and next time I make myself ensure that I will climb the summit of Ama Dablam.

So, if you also want to go for Ama Dablam Nepal’s exquisite mountain trek then this blog will help you to plan your trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.

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Adventure tour to the summit of Ama Dablam

Adventure tour to the summit of Ama Dablam

Get the best experience of trekking in Nepal, where you were surrounded by the alluring beauty of the mountains and most of the trekking trail offers the scenic view that you really enjoy your vacation. Adventure tour to the summit of Ama Dablam will be most popular climbing and most impressive one. Nothing can compare the beauty and uniqueness of Ama Dablam and the mountains not just popular for its height but for its unique aesthetic it holds.

Adventure tour to the summit of Ama Dablam

Where is Ama Dablam located?

Ama Dablam is one of the impressive mountains in the world and popularly known as “Matterhorn of the Himalayas” located towards the eastern Himalayan range in Nepal. Ama Dablam, Known for its unique Pyramid structure and a favorite for mountaineers and photographer. Mt. Ama Dablam is nestled in the Khumbu region of Nepal, South of Mt Everest and the peak about 6,812 meters in elevation from the main sea level. It is the third most popular peak for Himalayan Climbing and during peak season thousands of climbers flock to challenge the summit of Ama Dablam.

Ama Dablam means “Mother Necklace” where the long ridges on both sides used to be the arms of a mother protecting her child and the hanging glaciers as the Dablam, means the traditional double-pendant containing pictures of the gods worn by the Sherpa.

Climbing trail

Usually, most of the trekkers and excursions followed the southwest ridge route which is no doubt, the most popular route to ascend the mountains. It was first climbed by the American and New Zealand team in 1961. So, from then these routes became the most popular choice for the expeditions. Heading up you should be careful so that you will not hurt yourself though it is the most popular routes.

From where you starts your journey

The expedition usually begins from Kathmandu, Capital city of Nepal. First your arrival at Kathmandu airport and transfer to the hotel by the travel guide which you have booked for the vacation. Stay at the hotel

Next day, you will be taken for the sightseeing of Kathmandu city where you can visit the Pashupatinath Temple, the most popular Hindu religion, dotted on the bank of the Bagmati River, Durbar Square temple dating back to the 12the century, Boudhanath the world heritage site and acclimatization for trekking and overnight at Kathmandu hotel.

Kathmandu to Lukla (2.835m) and trek to Phakding(2.635m)

Next day flight to Lukla from where the journey actually begins. Now, the trek from Lukla to Phakding and the trekking trail leads along the Dudh Kosi River before ascending to ghat (2, 530,),. After 3 hours of walking you will reach the Phakding, a small village in Khumbu Valley of Nepal and the village is the main stopping point for trekkers. Overnight stay at Phakding lodge.

Phakding to Namche

A second-day trek to Namche Bazaar, the biggest town in Khumbu Valley and from Phakding to Namche Bazaar is about 5 to 6 hours to cross the 830 meters elevation. To reach the Namche Bazar you have to cross the suspension bridge and the Lajra dobhan is the beginning uphill to reach Namche Bazaar. In between the Lajra and Namche Bazar, the trekkers can watch the glance of Mt.Everest. After reaching the destination you can take rest and overnight at Namche Bazaar.

Adventure tour to the summit of Ama Dablam

Trek to Tengboche(6 hours)

This trekking trail follows outline from Namche and then descend to the Dudh Kosi River before climbing to Tengboche Monastery (3,870m). Tengboche offers the stunning view of Mt.Everest and Ama Dablam where you are heading to.

Adventure tour to the summit of Ama Dablam

Trek to Dingboche

Walking down from Tengboche crossing the rhohodendron forest to Deboche and crossing the lovely bridge and climbing gradually take you to the village of Lower Pangboche. You find yourself in the heart of the Khumbu village where you can witness the amazing view of Ama Dablam After hiking 5 to 6 hours you enter into the Dingboche village which lies at the start of the Imja Tse Valley. In this trekking trail you can interact with local Sherpa and can experience their amazing cultures. Then, again trek to the Pangboche village .

Adventure tour to the summit of Ama Dablam

Trek to Ama Dablam Base camp

 From Pangboche to Ama Dablam base camp tucked at an elevation of 4,570m above sea level. The trekking trail from Pangboche to Ama Dablam base camp offers scenic views and gives you utmost excitement and the thrill of trekking. Trekking in Ama Dablam base camp is one of the best feelings and relished options and the trail of this route is moderate intensity and hence even young children and women can also participate in trekking. After reaching Ama Dablam Base camp you feel like in Paradise and you will explore your dream into reality.

Adventure tour to the summit of Ama Dablam

Stay at base camp for acclimatization for the climbing Ama Dablam Base Camp. After complete preparation for ascending you will walk towards Ama Dablam.

Camp 1

From Ama Dablam Base Camp 1 lies 5,800 m above sea level and you have to cross some large boulders to reach the 100m slab just below the camp 1. When the rock is frozen then the route will be slippery so that use of hand line is most. After reaching camp 1, finding a comfortable place for the tent is the serious matter.


Camp 1 to Camp 2 is little difficult than camp 1 and the use of rope became essential up to the summit. The routes flow by the fourth class horizontal ridges and around numerous pinnacles. So, after crossing the several rocks and ridges then finally reach camp 2.

 Camp 3

From climbing camp 2 the route is mostly steep and mix with rock, ice, and snow. The route is followed by slope climbing to the snow ground and pass through the steep snow and ice tunnel to reach the camp 3 and at last climbing along the snow, ridges lead to the camp 3.

From the summit of the Ama Dablam offers a scenic view of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Island peak, Makalu etc are visible and gives your eyes treat. To reach the summit one has to climb and walk on snow to the right of a huge glacier hanging.

Next day descends from the summit of the Ama Dablam and back to the base camp. Take some rest in the base camp and now back to Kathmandu following the previous route like deboche to Namche and Namche to Lukla and finally flight from Lukla to Kathmandu. Rest in Kathmandu hotel or you can go for shopping in Kathmandu. Next morning says goodbye to Kathmandu city and flies back to your respective destination.

I hope while reading this guide you can get some help so that you can experience  an adventure tour in the summit of Ama Dablam and get touched by the pristine beauty of the  and the mesmerizing views on its trekking trails. So, what are you waiting for pack your bag and make your moment? If you have anything to ask then you can leave a comment so that we can get to you.

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